Copyright Creators is an advanced copyright solutions provider inspired by the shortfalls of 'poor man's copyright'.  Our mission is to empower copyright creators, and those representing copyright creators, to promote their work to outside parties with the utmost confidence their copyright is secure.


Using a team of legal and industry experts and the highest level of security and cutting-edge technology, Copyright Creators offers members unparalleled service to protect copyright online.


For more detailed information about Copyright Creators and how we protect copyright, please click the links below and visit our FAQs.

:: Why Protect Copyright with Copyright Creators?

One of the most valuable assets in a creator’s livelihood is their copyright. The ownership of copyright grants you the sole and exclusive right to:


• Reproduce
• Perform, or
• Publish a work.


As such, in order to advance or pursue one’s career, it is essential the proper steps are taken to protect one’s copyright; whether you are the author of the copyright, owner of the copyright, or both.


In the event of copyright infringement, one must be able to prove ownership of the work in question. Copyright Creators collects, stores, and time-stamps essential evidence required by the courts to help prove ownership. Additionally, Copyright Creators maintains records of your registrations for the life of copyright – taking the responsibility off you to keep printed copies.


Copyright Creators makes the process of protecting copyright, which is usually time consuming, tedious, and expensive, into a system that is easy, risk free, and affordable.

::  Who Should Become a Member?

It’s very simple: ANYONE.


If you have copyright you want to protect, becoming a Copyright Creators member and registering your work is a positive step in building secure and lasting legal evidence about authorship, ownership, and the work itself.


Examples of copyright creators include but are not limited to: songwriters, screenwriters, photographers, producers, academics, writers, graphic and web designers, programmers, cartoonist, visual artists, architects, etc.

:: 10 Benefits of Protecting Copyright with Copyright Creators

1. Risk-Free: Copyright Creators offers 4 free registrations when you become a member to try the service at no charge and no risk.


2. No Membership Fees: Membership is free. Sign-up to create your account and begin protecting your copyright online today!


3. No Renewal Fees: Once you have registered your copyright with Copyright Creators, it’s protected for the life of copyright, with no renewal fees.


4. Lifelong Protection of Your Work: Copyright Creators keeps a record of your copyright for the life of copyright (70 years following the calendar year in which the author has passed).


5. 24/7 access to your Registration Certificate: No need for a paper trail. Your registration evidence can be accessed online at anytime from anywhere in the world.


6. Viewable copy of your registered work: Eliminates the hassle of having your work with you at all times. Members can always access their copyright online, and always have a backed-up copy of their work.


7. Low Cost: For the cost of $3 USD - $10 USD, you can register your work for the life of copyright without having to leave your computer.


8. Registration History Portfolio: 'Registration History’ enables you to manage and store all your registrations for easy access.


9. Security & Privacy Assured: VeriSign SSL encryption implemented throughout the site, and McAfee Secure vulnerability and security audits performed on the site daily.


10. Convenient: Registering your copyright online can be quick and easy – all from your computer. Members will also receive instant proof of their registration so they can promote their work without delay.

:: It's Easy - Protect What's Yours

Step 1: Become a Member. If you are not already a member, CLICK HERE


Step 2: Select a pricing package that is right for you. Registrations can range from $3 USD- $10 USD and do not expire.


Step 3: Start protecting your work! Once logged-in, go to ‘Registration History’ in the main menu and click ‘Register a Work’. You will then be guided through a series of questions to collect crucial evidence required by the courts to protect copyright.

:: Your Privacy & Security

Protecting the privacy and security of your information and registered works is fundamental to Copyright Creators. Click here to review detailed information on our Privacy & Security Policies.

:: Board of Advisors

  • Low COST

    Protect copyright without membership or renewal fees.

  • risk free

    Become a member and receive 4 FREE registrations today!!

  • easy to use

    You have 24/7 access to your registered works and certificates so you don't have to keep copies on hand!

  • security assured

    Find out what we do to make sure that your work is secure and protected at all times...