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Copyright -- General Information


>> Protecting Copyright: Top 5 Myths Examined

Dec 01, 2009 - Discover the myths about protecting copyright including information about poor man’s copyright, the copyright notice, copyright registration, copyright infringement…(Learn more)

>> Copyright Protection: Copyright Laws, Registration Tips and More

Sept 03, 2009 - Learn about how to get a copyright, how copyright infringement can occur, easy ways to register a copyright, and copyright registration services....(Learn more)

>> What Is Not Protected by Copyright Law

Aug 17, 2009 - Reviewing what is not protected by copyright law...(Learn more)

 >> What Does Copyright Protect? The 5 Categories of Protection in Copyright Law

Aug 07, 2009 - Reviewing what copyright protects including: literary works, dramatic works, sound recording, musical works, visual arts, books, photos, greeting cards, poems…(Learn more)

>> The Berne Convention - Protecting Copyright Internationally

July 09, 2009 - Learn how the Bern Convention set international standards to protect copyright.  Article lists the basic principles of the convention and the minimum durations set-out to protect copyright...(Learn more)

 >> The Copyright Notice - 6 Reasons it Increases Protection of Your Work

July 08, 2009 - Short article will cover six reasons the Copyright Notice increases protection.  As well, we look at whether it’s required, how to make a copyright notice… (Learn more)

>> The Value of Copyright Protection & How to Attain Protection

July 02, 2009 - A look at the value of Copyright Protection including: What is Copyright Protection? How to attain copyright protection? What are the benefits of copyright registration?… (Learn more)

 >> Kate Moss Teaches Important Copyright Protection Lesson

June 23, 2009 - Better safe than sorry when your copyright is at stake… (Learn more)

>> Information on Copyright - Copyright Explained in 5 Easy Tips

Feb 10, 2009 - Explanations about “What is Copyright?” Includes: Information on Copyright; How to Copyright something and the other must know copyright information to help you protect… (Learn more)


Copyright Information for Songs

>> What is Copyright? - Some Tips for Protecting your Songs

Feb 16, 2009 - Quick check-lists of information about copyright protection for your songs including: how to copyright, copyright services and copyright costs…
(Learn more)


Copyright Information for Music

>> Mixing Music: 5 Tips for a Professional Mix

Sept 09, 2009 - Brian Moncarz, producer/engineer/mixer and creator of eMixEngine.com provides 5 tips to create professional music mixes...(Learn more)

>> How to Copyright & Create Your Band’s Logo – Tips for Creation and Protection

July 29, 2009 - Learn the important elements about: how to create a band logo, how to copyright a logo, copyright law regarding protection of logos, trademark logo and how they differ...(Learn more)

>> How to Copyright Music – 5 Tips to Better Understand Music Copyright Law

May 28, 2009 -Defining Musical Works, How to Copyright Music According to Music Copyright Law – The First Step to Copyright Protection, To Minimize the Vulnerability of your Songs – Follow These 4 Simple Steps, Music Copyright Cost – Keep an Eye Open for Hidden Expenses...(Learn more)


Copyright Information for Articles

>> Copyright Website Articles -- How to Protect your Work Against Plagiarism

Nov 11, 2009 - Learn how to quickly and effectively protect your articles..…(Learn more)


Copyright Information for Books

>> How to Copyright and Protect Your Book

Oct 19, 2009 - Learn the 4 quick steps required to protect your book under copyright law.  Once complete, your work will be protected for the life of copyright which is 50 – 70 years.…(Learn more)


Copyright Information for Literary Works

>> How to Copyright Literary Works

June 10, 2009 -Defining Literary works; how to copyright a Literary work; and a look at some common examples of literary works… (Learn more)

Copyright Information for Artwork

>> Information on Copyright Protection for Artwork

Sept 22, 2009 - Learn how to protect your artwork using copyright registries, watermarks, and contact information...(Learn more)


Copyright Information for Small Businesses

>> How to Make & Copyright Your Small Business Logo – Tips for Creation and Protection

Oct 7, 2009 - The important information about: how to create a small business logo, how to copyright a logo, copyright law for protection of logos, trademark logos and how they differ…(Learn more)


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