Below are the questions most frequently asked of Copyright Creators. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


:: Who is Copyright Creators?

Copyright Creators is an organization founded by members of the copyright community, legal professionals, and industry experts. Copyright Creators, inspired by the shortfalls of 'poor man's copyright' is supported by international investors and clients to provide the copyright community with an unparallel standard to protect copyright.

:: How does Copyright Creators work?

Copyright Creators is an impartial third party that registers all submitted works. By completing the detailed registration form corresponding to the work being registered, members increase the chance of proving ownership in a court of law. Copyright Creators securely stores this information in its original form for the duration of the copyright period. In the event the authorship or ownership of a Copyright Creators’ member is in question, you will be able to provide the courts with detailed documentation of registration along with a copy of the registered work.

:: Why is Copyright Creators effective in registering copyright?

The success of Copyright Creators’ advanced registration process to protect copyright online is made up of three important factors:

• The Team: Copyright Creators has assembled a team of accomplished experts to continually guide, focus, and advance our copyright protection solutions.

• Secure/Convenient/Affordable: Countless hours and resources have been dedicated to ensure Copyright Creators’ systems are completely secure and easy to use. Additionally, we focus on keeping our costs low and pass on the savings to you – our members. The result: a cutting-edge, full-service, copyright protection provider that does not have any membership fees.

• The Registry: While secure registrations are crucial, our effectiveness also lies in our advanced registration forms that are designed to collect essential and detailed legal evidence about the work in question. Additionally, Copyright Creators’ members are required to create these detailed registration forms for EVERY work that is registered – ensuring optimal protection. The result is a comprehensive outline of the work in question, which is stored by Copyright Creators for the life of copyright, in the event infringement occurs.

:: Who should Protect Copyright with Copyright Creators?

Anyone can protect copyright online with Copyright Creators. If you have copyright you want to protect, becoming a Copyright Creators member and registering your work is a positive step in building evidence about authorship, ownership, and the work itself. Copyright registration is used by creators across many industries including (but not exclusive) to: songwriters, producers, academics, book writers, graphic and web designers, programmers, screenwriters, cartoonist and other visual artists, photographers, architects, etc.

:: How do I become a Copyright Creators member?

Becoming a Copyright Creators member is very simple. Select the tab ‘Become A Member’ and fill out the registration form. Select submit and you will be sent an e-mail to authenticate your account. If you do not receive this e-mail within 24 hours, please contact us as it implies your membership status has not been confirmed. Once your lifetime membership is authenticated you will have unlimited access to the Copyright Creators Registry and can begin protecting copyright online.


:: How much does it cost to become a Copyright Creators member?

A lifetime membership with Copyright Creators is absolutely FREE and provides you with unlimited access to all Copyright Creators’ advanced copyright protection solutions and services.

:: Does my Copyright Creators membership expire?

Once a Copyright Creators member, always a Copyright Creators member! You need not worry about membership or renewal fees. Once you validate your free Copyright Creators membership, you are granted lifetime membership status and can protect copyright online at anytime.

:: How can Copyright Creators help Protect Copyright?

In the event of copyright infringement, one must be able to prove ownership of the work in question. Copyright Creators detailed registration forms, to be filled-out individually for each work registered, collects essential evidence required by the courts to help prove ownership. Once registered, you will be sent a Registration Certificate which time-stamps your registration. This certificate can be accessed at anytime in your account should you need to prove ownership. Copyright Creators will securely store your registrations for the life of copyright – taking the responsibility off you to maintain a copy of the work and the registered certificate of the work.

:: What steps does Copyright Creators take to ensure my
      credit card information will be protected?

To ensure absolute security of your credit information, COPYRIGHT CREATORS does not hold any confidential information concerning the credit card numbers used during the payment process.


:: Why should I register my work with Copyright Creators
      or any other organization?

One of the most valuable assets in a creator’s livelihood is their copyright. The ownership of copyright grants you the sole and exclusive right to reproduce, perform, or publish a work. Although copyright is automatic the moment the expression of a thought or idea is fixed in a tangible form, the purpose of registration is to provide you with essential proof that you are the owner of the work in question along with a logged date and time for the work's existence. This proof can be crucial in the event your work is unlawfully used or infringed upon. Registration enables you to build strong evidence of your ownership, in the event your copyright is manipulated, infringed upon or stolen. As such, if you expose your or your clients’ work to the public, copyright registration should be one of your number one priorities.

:: What are the steps to Protect Copyright with Copyright Creators

Once you are a Copyright Creators member, the registration process involves two easy stages: purchasing registration space and registering your work.

Purchasing Registration Space:
• To begin the purchasing process, choose a registration package that best suits your needs. For additional details on purchasing registration space, please refer to ‘pricing’.

Registering your Work:
• Protecting copyright involves filling-out the registration forms that collect detailed information about the authorship, ownership and the work itself. Once completed, your work and your Registration Certificate, outlining your registration details, can be accessed by you 24/7 through your registration history. Once your works are registered with Copyright Creators, they are stored for the LIFE of copyright with NO RENEWAL FEES.

:: How much does Protecting Copyright Cost?

Copyright Creators offers five specialized packages to accommodate the registration needs of independent and corporate clients (1 registration, 4 registrations, 12 registrations, 28 registrations, 175 registrations). To offer our clients more flexibility, purchased registrations do not expire, and there are NO RENEWAL fees associated with registered works or membership. As such, you can purchase registrations now, and register your works at your convenience, whether it be today or sometime in the future, according to when your works are created and finished. To view a price comparison between the five packages, please click here.

:: How long is my material stored for?

Copyright Creators’ members enjoy the benefit of storage for the life of copyright without incurring any renewal fees. Once copyright expires, all records are considered public domain and can be used by any party without infringing on your copyright.

:: What is the largest size file that can be registered?

Copyright Creators has no restriction on the file size members can upload. However, depending on your internet package, connectivity, and server specifications your upload time will vary and, in some cases, will be disconnected. If this problem persists, please contact us to help you resolve this issue. As a general rule, file sizes less than 10MB – 20MB upload smoothly.

:: Are there any restrictions on the type of registrations
      that can be submitted to Copyright Creators?

COPYRIGHT CREATORS clients can protect copyright for any work allowed under Copyright Law.  This includes any Literary Work, Sound Recording, Dramatic Art, Performing Art, Visual Art, Musical work or Serial & Periodical work that you authored or own. As a reminder, copyright law does not protect: ideas, names, titles, slogans, concepts, themes, catch-phrases, methods of doing something. However, you may express your ideas in writing or drawing and claim copyright in your expression, but the idea itself is not protected.

:: Is it possible to register a work under different registration types?

If your work satisfies two or more registration types, filling out multiple registration forms for the same work could be advantageous. For example, a song can be registered in the following manner: the music, as a sound recording; the lyrics, as a literary work; and the composition, as a musical work. This can be advantageous because you are creating more specific evidence about each aspect of your song. However, the Copyright Creators registration forms provides members with the option to indicate if a registered work belongs to multiple registration types.

:: What if more than one writer/artist is involved, how can all parties be included?

The Copyright Creators registration forms are designed to document all parties involved with the creation of a work. All parties involved with the authorship or creation of a work should be indicated on the registration form. When there are several authors or contributors to one piece, all authors are considered co-authors or co-contributors.

:: Do I have access to my registered works once I have sent it in?

Yes. Copyright Creators’ advanced copyright protection system actually enables you to view a ‘read-only’ copy of your work after it has been registered while still maintaining a secure system. Additionally, you may access your Registration Certificate containing the registration information 24/7.

:: Are registered works viewed by anyone?

Security and privacy are of primary importance to Copyright Creators. As such, all registered works are completely confidential and no unauthorized parties are entitled to view them. Once the work has been submitted, it enters Copyright Creators’ system where it is securely stored until notice by you, a court of law, or legal representation. Learn more about ‘Privacy & Security’.

:: Can I change my work once it’s been registered?

Once the work has been registered it cannot be altered or tampered with in anyway by anyone. No one has the authority to update registered works, neither clients nor Copyright Creators’ staff. This policy is in place in order to maintain the highest possible level of security for our clients. Copyright Creators allows and strongly encourages you to review the work you have uploaded before completing your registration to ensure that the work is accurate and not corrupt.

:: Can I pre-date material?

Material that was created and completed before the date of registration can be indicated as such on the registration form. However, only Copyright Creators’ Registration Certificate can formally confirm the date of registration.

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