:: TORONTO – August 25, 2009

Copyright Canadian Company Sponsors over $100,000 in Copyright Registrations
to Help Discover the 1000 Most Creative People of 2009

Copyright Creators will contribute $104,000 in copyright registrations for the top 1000 winners of Talent Seekers (www.talentseekers.net), an international contest born with the aim of discovering and promoting the most outstanding artists in their respective fields.

:: TORONTO – March 01, 2009

Copyright Creators Debuts Copyright Protection Service
during Canadian Music Week

Copyright Creators announces the launch of their online copyright registration service for artists by offering every new member 2 free registrations from March 11 – May 11th, 2009.

Essential Facts (Click links below or Download PDF)

:: Company Contact

Copyright Creators
4936 Yonge Street, Suite 601
Toronto, ON M2N 6S3

Date Founded
: 2003 (Launch date: March 01, 2009)

::  Key Personnel

Shéhan A. Jinapriya Co-Founder/President
Toronto, ON, Canada

René Corga
Founder/Executive Director of R&D
Toronto, ON, Canada

Allan Pynn
Co-Founder/ VP Marketing
Toronto, ON, Canada

Justine Shoolman
VP, Communications/ VP Communications
Toronto, ON, Canada

Johann Raj
Chief Technology Officer
Toronto, ON Canada

Daniel Boag
Business Development
Los Angeles, CA., USA

:: Company Profile

Copyright Creators (www.copyrightcreators.com) is the world’s only online copyright registry to offer affordable lifetime copyright protection, with no membership fees or renewal fees, and 24/7 access to the registered works and certificates of proof.

Copyright Creators is an organization founded by members of the copyright community, legal and industry experts.

With a focus on providing the copyright community with an unparallel standard in copyright protection; Copyright Creators has developed their service around the needs voiced by artists – affordable, secure and convenient copyright registration so they can promote their work with peace of mind that it is protected.

The guided step-by-step process ensures artists will record the information required by the courts and provides a time-stamped copyright registration form instantly after registration.

Each registration costs from $4 - $12 and will never expire.

:: The Service

Impartial third party that registers all submitted works.

Detailed registration forms (Literary Work, Sound Recording, Dramatic Art, Performing Art, Visual Art, Musical work or Serial & Periodical), increase the likelihood of proving ownership and or authorship of the work in question should infringement occur.

Lifelong protection of the work: Copyright Creators keeps a record of the copyright for the life of copyright (70 years following the calendar year in which the author has passed).

In the event the authorship or ownership of a Copyright Creators’ member is in question, the court will be provided with detailed documentation of registration along with a copy of the registered work.

Risk Free: Copyright Creators offers 4 free registrations when someone becomes a member to try the service at no charge and no risk.

No Membership Fees: Membership with Copyright Creators is free.

No Renewal Fees: Once a work is registered with Copyright Creators, it is protected for the life of copyright, with no renewal fees.

24/7 access to your Registration Certificate: No need for a paper trail. The evidence of registration can be accessed online at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Viewable Copy of your Registered Work: Eliminates the hassle of having your work with you at all times. Members can always access their registered works online, and always have a backed-up copy of their work.

Low Cost: For under $12, members can register their work for the life of copyright without having to leave their computer.

Registration Credits do not Expire: There is no time limit and no pressure for any registration credits to be used as they do not expire.

Security & Privacy Assured: VeriSign SSL encryption implemented throughout the site, and McAfee Secure vulnerability and security audits performed on the site daily.

Convenient: Registering work can be quick and easy – all from a computer. Members will also receive instant proof of their registration so they can promote their work without delay.

:: Statistics

According to the August 2008 report by the Conference Board of Canada:

“Canada’s culture sector plays a critical role in attracting people, businesses, and investment; stimulating creativity and innovation; and distinguishing Canada as dynamic and exciting place, where people can celebrate their heritage and realize personal and professional fulfillment”.

The Conference Board estimates the economic impact of the cultural sector to be $85 billion in 2007, or 7.4% of Canada’s GDP.

The impact of the cultural sector on employment equals 1.1 million jobs, or 7.1% of total employment in Canada.

:: Who Should Use Copyright Creators?

Anyone can register with Copyright Creators. If an artist has copyright they want to protect, becoming a Copyright Creators member and registering their work is a positive step in building evidence about authorship, ownership, and the work itself. Copyright registration is used by creators across many industries including (but not exclusive) to:

• Writers (lyricists, poems, novels, screenwriters etc)
• Visual Artists (cartoonists, photographers, painters, sculptors, etc)
• Musicians
• Producers/Directors
• Academics
• Graphic and Web Designers
• Programmers
• Architects

:: Why Should Artists Register their Copyright with Copyright Creators?

One of the most valuable assets in a creator’s livelihood is their copyright.

The ownership of copyright grants an artist the sole and exclusive right to reproduce, perform, or publish a work.

Lifelong protection of the work: Copyright Creators keeps a record of the copyright for the life of copyright (70 years following the calendar year in which the author has passed).

In the event the authorship or ownership of a Copyright Creators’ member is in question, the court will be provided with detailed documentation of registration along with a copy of the registered work.

Risk Free: Copyright Creators offers 4 free registrations when someone becomes a member to try the service at no charge and no risk.

:: What Cannot be Registered?

Copyright does not protect: ideas, names, titles, slogans, concepts, themes, catch-phrases or methods of doing something. However, one may express ideas in writing or drawing and claim copyright in the expression, but the idea itself is not protected.

:: Celebrity Cases of Copyright Infringement

George Harrison, of The Beatles, was charged almost a million Australian dollars in royalties after a court found he had subconsciously copied The Chiffons' “He's So Fine”. http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2008/s2443094.htm

Coldplay is being sued over claims it copied a song by American guitarist Joe Satriani. http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2008/s2443094.htm

Michael Bolton charged $5.4 million for ‘unconscious’ infringement on the Isley Brothers song “Love Is a Wonderful Thing”. http://cip.law.ucla.edu/cases/case_threeboysbolton.html

Biographies (Click links below or Download PDF)

:: Shéhan A. Jinapriya - Co-Founder/ President

B.Com with Honors (Rotman School of Business, U of T)—Mr. Jinapriya has a diverse employment history in project management, finance, marketing, accounting, sales, and customer service. In 2002, Mr. Jinapriya began his entrepreneurial path and Co-Founded and directed all aspects of Shine Dance Competitions, a competitive dance show for aspiring dancers. These competitions have also given Shehan a platform for charity work. Each show hosts a food drive and raises money for The SickKids Foundation.

For the past 6 years, Mr. Jinapriya has been dedicated to the conception, development and launch of Copyright Creators and is involved in every aspect of the company including research, finances, marketing, communications, customer service, website development, and design.

In February 2009, Mr. Jinapriya was selected on the shortlist for the 2009 Top 25 Canadian Immigrants award for his accomplishments.

:: René Corga - Founder/Executive Director of R&D

Mr. Corga has studied the guitar for more than fifteen years and is a Royal Conservatory trained pianist. He was a member of the Toronto Youth Orchestra, Toronto Amadeus Youth Choir in the 1980’s, and has been associated with many other public and private choirs. Mr. Corga attended York University and also graduated from the Harris Institute for the Recording Arts, where he developed his skills as a sound recording engineer and conceived the idea for online copyright registration. Mr. Corga has dedicated himself to the development of Copyright Creators surrounded by a team of well qualified artists, entrepreneurs and developers.

From conception, Mr. Corga has contributed as one of the major project managers and has been involved in every aspect of its inception, from web development and design to research and marketing.

:: Allan Pynn - Co-Founder/ VP Marketing

Mr. Pynn is a classically trained musician, music producer, mix engineer, sound designer and DJ. He has been performing and writing music for over 15 years and has experience writing and producing music in a variety of styles including; Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop, RnB, Dance, House, Experimental and Rock. In 2004, he received 'Best Musical Score' and 'Best Sound Design' in the final round of the NYC Midnight Madness Film Festival. His music, sound design and mixes have been featured on t.v. and in numerous commercials and short films.

As a DJ, Allan has held residencies in the Toronto area for the last ten years and has built strong ties within the entertainment and music industry.

:: Justine Shoolman - Co-Founder/ VP Communications

BBA (Schulich School of Business) – Ms. Shoolman has managed: marketing, business development, strategic planning, media/client relations, events and projects for numerous pharmaceutical and consumer goods companies. She was also involved in the national consumer media relations campaign launching the first and only once-a-month contraceptive, as headed the Toronto Ashlee Simpson Meet & Greet on behalf of Unilever Canada in conjunction with the public relations launch of their new hair care line.

Ms. Shoolman is also involved in the arts, having been a dancer and choreographer for 17 years. She co-founded Shine Dance Competitions, a competitive dance show for aspiring dancers that has been running since 2002. Justine is very passionate about the arts and is excited to educate artists about protecting their copyright.

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Media Contact:
Justine Shoolman
VP Communications
Copyright Creators
Direct: 416.495.8694