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It was recently reported that supermodel, Kate Moss, allegedly threw her boyfriend, Jamie Hince from The Kills’, laptop in a swimming pool during a fight.  To add to the pain – there were apparently six newly recorded songs by his band that were not backed up anywhere else.

We’d like to thank Kate for teaching us this very important lesson: Protect Copyright now…don’t wait until it’s too late!!

Had Mr. Hince registered his songs with Copyright Creators as soon as they were recorded, he would have had a digital copy of each song in his account, and this “little” incident would not have posed a problem.

Despite this dramatic cry for attention, we’re happy to report that everything in the Kate/Jamie camp seems to be back on track.  As for the songs…that might be a different story.

Justine Shoolman is the Co-Founder of Copyright Creators (CC) (www.copyrightcreators.com), a service inspired by the shortfalls of ‘poor man’s copyright’.  Copyright Creators protects copyright for life with no membership or renewal fees.  Become a member today and you’ll receive 4 free registrations to protect & create proof of your copyright online.

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